Media Coverage

Media Coverage

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ANXONE @ FinTech Summit in Japan

The FIN/SUM x REG/SUM 2018 Summit in Tokyo, Japan was a meeting for the industry heavyweights to pave the future for the Fintech industry. Amongst the game-changing Innovations taking place, we were excited to unveil our newest brand, ANXONE Technology, the white label solution.

Introduction of OSL

Learn more about OSL, Asia's Leading Digital Asset Brokerage.

CNBC Interview with Dave Chapman

Executive Chairman of OSL, Dave Chapman at Consensus Singapore in Sep 2018, sharing his views about #ETFs, #OTC trading and maturity of the assets with @CNBC Cryptotrader news.

Highlights on OSL at Consensus: Singapore

Catch the highlights of OSL being one of the sponsor at Consensus: Singapore

Dave Chapman's Interview at HKFinTech Week

Dave Chapman, CEO of ANXONE, introduced our institutional exchange solution - ANXONE at 2018 HKFinTech Week

OSL and HUBLOT Big Bang Launch Party

OSL and HUBLOT Meca-10 P2P launch event on Nov 6, 2018 celebrated the 10th anniversary of bitcoin. OSL and HUBLOT are working to offer new payment option in stores in the future. Stay tuned for more to come!

BC Group @HK FinTech Week

We are one of the sponsors for the world's first cross-border and one of the largest of its kind FinTech event #hkfintechweek2018. Our team had busy days at #HKFinTechWeek, engaging with different media channels to talk about the status and experience of blockchain technology in Asia.

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